Hi! My official art blarney is below, but I’ve kinda stopped trying to be a big deal in the Art World. I’m just sharing my various adventures and experiments. I’ve worked at the Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco for many years, and it helps keep me stocked with inspiration and wonder. I’ve also stopped selling prints, as such, but I frequently give them away, so if you are keen, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

PJ Reptilehouse creates mesmerizing kaleidoscope images of the human form, unveiling unexpected patterns and symmetry.

His process juxtaposes technology with the fluidity of nature. 

Using his continually evolving “Strobo-Dingus” –  a motion controlled camera apparatus of his own design – he explores the dichotomy between abstract and figurative.

His kinetic imagery is composed entirely in-camera; an exercise in both control and serendipity.

In more recent years, he has been using the “Laser-dingus” which also combines photography with a time component. And since the pandemic, he has been doing infrared and ultraviolet photography.


Born in Ontario, Canada in 1963, PJ Reptilehouse – now residing in Oakland, California – has dedicated his artistic career to marrying the organic and man-made. 

Having been inspired by the chronophotography of Muybridge and Marey, and the strobe photography of Edgerton, PJ has both integrated and expanded on their technique, repurposing it for art rather than science. 

PJ has spent the last 20 years innovating his Strobo-Dingus technology. In pursuit of nuance and novelty, PJ is both the Strobo-Dingus’ technician and a bystanding observer to its magic. 

Click here to see his most recent work:



Solo shows at The Exploratorium (San Francisco), Gamma Black and White (San Francisco),  and the Pacific Pinball Museum (Alameda, CA). 

Black&White magazine issue #140 Aug. 2020

Book: The Naked and the Lens, Second Edition, 2016 

CAPA Photography Magazine (China), May 2015 

Photographer’s Companion (China), Aug. 2015

Book: The Art of Tinkering, 2014

The Exploratorium’s After Dark interactive exhibits, 2011, 2013, 2019

The Art of Photography Show, 2012

The Set in Motion show at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 2017

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